4 Louisiana Festival Essentials

Everyone and their mama knows that April is the height of festival season in Louisiana – we’ve got French Quarter Fest, Fest International, Jazz Fest, and so much more coming up.

Here are the 4 key accessories that will allow you to be a smart, prepared, and stylish fest-goer in NOLA and beyond. All you need to do is stop by our shop (1113B St. Mary) or visit our website to get your hands on these locally-handmade goods.

1.) Mini Backpack

Our waxed canvas Mini Backpack is deceivingly small – it can fit your phone, wallet, keys, a festival map, sunscreen, a snack bar, and perhaps a spare tank top. It’s adjustable for your comfort. Plus, it’s so lightweight, you’ll probably forget you’re wearing it – even while twerking at the Big Freedia show. Did we mention it’s water-resistant? $100 – shop here.

2.) Fanny Pack

The 90’s called, and they wish they had a Fanny Pack as unique as ours (recently featured on NOLA.com)! It carries just your essentials – keys, phone, wallet, and festival map. You’ve got easy access when you wear it on the front, and it leaves your hands free to dig into that messy softshell crab po-boy. It’s made from water-resistant waxed canvas, for $80 here.

3.) Happy Hour Key Ring

Parlez nous a boire! This genuine leather key chain can attach to your belt loop or backpack straps, and its stainless steel hook functions as a bottle opener. Your keys and your drinking buddies will thank you later. $28 – shop online here.

4.) Bandana

Our Marsh Camo Bandana features a swampy illustration by New Orleans artist Ursa Eyer. It’s 20″ x 20″ and can be worn in a plethora of ways. Since it’s made from 100% cotton, you can use it to soak up festival sweat on muggy days, and then wash it before the next round.

We only have a few of this Bandana design left on the site in “Satsuma Orange,” for only $9! Other colors are available in-store.

P.S. Come catch us at one of the upcoming events we are vending! See y’all out there…

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