We guarantee our bags! Our Lifetime Warranty covers repairs to manufacturing defects (materials, workmanship and/or design) applicable to the lifetime of our bags for up to 4 years.  If damage is not covered under our warranty (due to normal wear and tear, abuse, accident, critters, or natural breakdown of materials over extended use and time), we will try our best to repair it if possible for a reasonable fee. 



If you have an item that needs repair we suggest the following steps.

First, send us a note describing the damage to hello@tchoupindustries.com , include photos if you can!

Second, we'll let you know if this item can be repaired under warranty or we'll quote you a repair fee.

Third, ship your bag to us at the designated address you receive via email. We recommend using a shipping carrier that provides tracking information. If you cover shipping costs of getting your damaged gear to us, we'll ship it back free of charge.

Please label areas for repair on pack with a piece of tape and include a short note detailing what is broken on the pack. Because we are not actively sewing and producing bags, our turn around time for warranty items could be up to 2 months.

Feel free to email us at hello@tchoupindustries.com


Common repairs covered under warranty:

Holes forming on bottom panel or shoulder straps (especially on packs and messengers purchased before 2017)

Webbing strap pulling out of seams (fraying or not fully caught in stitches)

Bias tape edging trim coming loose or not fully caught in stitching

Fanny Pack zippers can be repaired for free within the first 6 months of purchase. Be careful not to overstuff your fanny packs which puts extra stress on zipper teeth, tape and seams.