Our Name

Love Tchoup Industries bags, but still wondering how to pronounce our name? “Tchoup” is pronounced “CHOP” and is short for Tchoupitoulas, as in Tchoupitoulas Street. Allow us to explain…

Tchoupitoulas was originally the name of a Louisiana Indian tribe (the “Chapitoulas Indians”), who formed Chapitoulas – later Tchoupitoulas – Street along the Mississippi River for trade. Tchoupitoulas Street has long served as the main access to river traffic and industry in the city.  Towards uptown, you will still find operational docks, wharfs and rails. The street is home to some of New Orleans’ best destinations such as Tipitina’s historic music venue and Hansen’s Sno-Bliz for the best snoballs in town.

Pronunciation of “Tchoupitoulas” separates New Orleans locals from tourists pretty quickly: CHOP-ah-TOO-luhs. We’ve shortened the name to “Tchoup” to make it easier on those unfamiliar with this bustling thoroughfare.