Local Black Makers to Support

As a white female business owner, I stand in solidarity with people of color and the protestors who are demanding systemic change. I am proud of the voices rising up in our country against racism.

I have been moved and inspired to continue my personal growth with anti-racism, and pledge to educate myself so that I can be a better business owner and advocate for the underserved of my community.

Here is an ever-growing list of my favorite local Black makers, creatives and business owners.  The intention of this list is to support visibility to their work, and expand our networks.


Damien Mitchell (Baton Rouge)



Pottery By Osa (Baton Rouge)



Shae Shea (New Orleans)



Odaoma (New Orleans)



Pixel and Ink Creative (Lake Charles)



M.A.D. Nails (New Orleans)



Heartsleeve (New Orleans)



Bayou Soap Co (New Orleans)



Funlola Coker (Memphis/NYC)



Sunglasses & Lipgloss (Philadelphia)



Laketilly Acres Urban Farm (New Orleans)



Angel Bands & Moccoz (New Orleans) 


Firebird Wearables (New Orleans) 

 I’d love recommendations for others that I could be following and promoting! Please reply in comments below.







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