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We design and craft our bags in New Orleans with a focus on durability. We back this quality with our Lifetime Warranty covering defects in materials, design and workmanship. If damage isn’t covered under our warranty, we will repair it if possible for a very reasonable fee.



Here’s a list of typical issues covered under our warranty:

  1. Webbing pulling out of seams.
  2. Shoulder straps pulling out of seams.
  3. Fraying Webbing loops (where hook attaches).
  4. Worn holes in bottom panels or padded shoulders straps.



Keep in mind nothing is made to last forever. Bags will eventually come to the end of their reasonably expected lifetimes. For us, that is 4 years. That being said, with proper care and timely repairs, some bags will become heirloom pieces that can be enjoyed by multiple generations.

Here are a few tips to extending the life of your bag to it’s fullest longevity.

  1. Don’t overstuff zippers. Putting unnecessary stress or weight on zippers will shorten their lifespan. We’ve seen this mostly on our Fanny Packs and have switched from metal to self-healing nylon coil zipper openings to help alleviate this common problem.
  2. Clean and Re-Wax regularly. We recommend cleaning your bag with a simple cold water rinse and air dry a couple times a year, especially after visits to gritty places. Your wax coating will need to be replenished every 1-2 years based on use. We have a journal post on how to re-wax your bag. Keep an eye out for our wax workshops, we usually host a 2-3 per year in our New Orleans shop.
  3. Wear your backpack on two shoulders instead of just one. Our bags were designed and built to have weight distributed evenly between the two shoulder straps. Excessive wear to just one side may result in tearing over time.
  4. Repair Early. Send or bring your bag back to use at the first signs of damage. As that hole or snag becomes larger, it will become more difficult for us to patch up and get back to you in a timely manner.



Read more about our warranty policy on our website and contact us if you have any further questions.


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