Diaper Bag Incognito

Do any of our bag styles make good diaper bags? The answer is an emphatic YES!  This post outlines our top three recommendations that hit on a lot of popular diaper bag functionalities. My wife and I have personally tested the Tchoup Industries Flap Pack on commutes and jaunts with our son, and we have good friends that use the two other styles listed below on a daily basis.

To create the ultimate incognito diaper bag hack, you’ll need to borrow a basic changing pad from another bag, or use a standalone pad like this one (a Made in the USA hand-me-down that we fell in love with). We also found that zip pouches of various sizes are handy to keep clean/dirty clothing and extra diapers or toys organized.



First up, I personally most highly recommend the Flap Pack.

  • The backpack straps are a godsend when your hands are full of other things (like a baby!), and distributing the weight on both shoulders gives your body a much needed break from imbalanced loads. We found the straps even worked well with our baby carriers.
  • The flap provides a quick access closure system that can be left unlatched when sitting around or fully secure with hook when the family is on the go.
  • We love the two front slip pockets that live just under the main flap. These become an easy stash-away for toys and snacks that need to be fished out in a flash. My toddler even knows how to reach his little hand into the front pockets and pull out anything and everything he desires! Hanging it out of reach is a good preventative measure if you want to keep baby from rummaging around.
  • The interior ipad sleeve fits a couple diapers or a small fold-up pad perfectly.
  • Pockets and main compartment of bag are vertically oriented. That means stuff might wiggle its way to the bottom, or get hidden under layers of other items. We recommend using colorful zip pouches for organizing within the interior of the main compartment, and pack lesser-used items like blankets or spare clothes at the bottom.



Next up, our Travel Tote was specifically designed for both travelers and moms in mind.

  • The interior is fully lined with pockets for the best organization a Tchoup Industries bag has to offer! Also on the exterior there are 2 slip pockets and one secure zip pocket for those small and quick-grab items. You can even stash an extra layer under the top strap closure if needed.
  • You’ve got the bonus versatility of tote straps (that are long enough to fit over a big coat) or use the removable cross body straps throw it across your bod.
  • Tons of room! Similar to our beloved Roulez Pack, the roll top closure allows for more or less items, depending the nature of your outing.
  • This bag tends to be a little heavier than the other two. It could be the size of the bag that allows me to over-pack, or the amount hardware and cotton canvas fabric just weighs a touch more. My sister used this as her “mothership” car bag and had a smaller bag for being on person.
  • The roll top is super secure, but not necessarily a quick entry situation. You may decide to simply flap it over instead of rolling for easier access during busy times of the day.



And last but not least, our good friends chose the Adventure Tote as their standby for travel and daily commutes with their two daughters.

  • The simple aesthetic of this style will go with every outfit and every body.
  • The shoulder strap can be worn crossbody messenger style, and carry handles allow for an easy grab-and-go when you’re not going too far.
  • A secure zip closure keeps prying toddler hands from rummaging.
  • The sail cloth on this bag is super lightweight and makes it easy to find what you're looking for inside the bag. The pristine white color makes some people a little skiddish, you’ll want to read the Sail Cloth vs Waxed Canvas thoughts below.
  • Non-fussy interior org (there is NO interior organization). This bag was originally designed for a friend that needed a simple tote to load up for ski trips and camping trips. It’s meant to be a durable container for all things imaginable! Perfect for the “don’t fence me in” mentality of bag packing. Try adding zip pouches for more organization as mentioned above for the Flap Pack


Sail Cloth vs Waxed Canvas

I know it seems like sail cloth is destined for stains, but its actually easier to wash and spot clean than waxed canvas! It’s also notably lightweight, durable, and provides easy viewing into the depths of the bag. 

Waxed Canvas wins out for some due to its superior water resistance. If you expect a lot of rain or splashing, this fabric is a great choice. 

Both are great options, we make sure all of our bags are built to last. Go with what you think might suit you and your family best!


Do you use a Tchoup Industries bag as your diaper bag? We'd love to hear your thoughts - comment below!

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