Forage Your Decor

Living in a small New Orleans shotgun home means that there's not much extra space for storage of holiday decorations. My tree stand and skirt, a jingle bell wreath, and a few strands of lights didn't make the cut in my most recent purge this past summer. So now that the holidays are upon us again I find myself looking for cheerful but temporary options - think ephemeral. Think all natural!

Here are 3 DIY ideas that can all be foraged from our neighborhoods, local parks or produce stands.

Orange & Clove Pomanders

It's citrus season! Satsumas, grapefruit and soon blood oranges are plentiful. Turn a few of these delicious beauties into aromatic holiday decor by pressing in whole cloves as shown in this guide by Display them in a bowl or hang them with ribbon for instant holiday cheer and smells.

Need more inspiration? Here's a helpful pinterest page.


Sweet Gumball Garland

We don't have many pinecones in Southern Louisiana, but we have plenty of these sweet gum balls that fall from trees. Collect the good ones that haven't been crushed underfoot and follow Sturdy for Common Things' instructions on stringing them up into a sweet garland. Consider keeping it au naturale without the adhesive spray and glitter.

More pinterest inspiration here for these prickly little guys.


Natural Wreath

See instructions here from A Pair & A Spare for a slightly more involved project that will end up with an oh so lovely locally foraged wreath. And here's another guide from Treasures and Travels blog that skips the dried flowers. I can't wait to see what I can find in City Park to create one of these beauties. 

Looking for a non-traditional spin? Check out this triangle wreath found on pinterest.

If you try any of these ideas, don't forget to share!


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