GAY and Love to Travel!

My wife and I are always looking out for our next LGBTQ-friendly travel destinations. Here are the recommendations we received last week from our Instagram followers in no particular order. 


AUSTRALIA because the people are generally more laid back about everything the US shouldn't really care about, and Sydney has a massive pride parade that rivals Mardi Gras in New Orleans.


VERMONT INTO CANADA because it's beautiful.


TELLURIDE because of festivals, hiking, amazing views, and gay ski week.


MISSOULA because its a bright blue spot in a sea of red that has great hiking and hot springs.


CAPETOWN because they even have a published gay friendly travel guide.


And here are our top 3 personal favorites:

VIEQUES ISLAND because of the beautiful and remote beaches.


KRABI, THAILAND because the resort where we honeymooned also hosted same sex marriages.


THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST because there's so much to explore and you'll be in good company.


A big thanks to everyone who responded - these are all now on our bucket list.

What are some of your favorites? Leave a comment!

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