Giving Green this March

There are always difficult decisions to make in Louisiana when big oil money and jobs directly conflict with our local efforts to slow down land loss and preserve natural habitats. Most of us would love to have our cake and eat it too, which would be a lot easier if oil companies tapping into our gulf could commit to holding up their end of the bargain.

"No where on Earth is there such a living landscape, where 100 acres of new land emerges from the sea. It's this dynamism that makes the River Delta so fertile, and the Gulf so biodiverse. But we have lost so much because companies refuse to clean up their mess, and our government refuses to uphold the law."  - Scott Eustis, coastal wetland specialist at Gulf Restoration Network

Oil Sheen on the Gulf of Mexico spotted by Gulf Restoration Network

As we eagerly await decisions on the 162-mile Bayou Bridge Pipeline projected to cut through 600 acres of wetlands and 700 bodies of water, we reflect on the importance of protecting our unique natural landscape.  Tchoup Industries is dedicated to supporting the health of our Southern Louisiana environment by consistently tapping into plentiful local resources and avoiding oil-based synthetic components.  This month we're doing more by donating 10% of all March profits to the Gulf Restoration Network.

You can speak directly to employees of Gulf Restoration Network and sign up for membership at our shop on Saturday March-18th. You can also learn more about their ongoing projects to maintain and improve the health of our gulf, marsh, wetlands and waterways on their website. The images used in this post are from a recent flight they took to check existing oil sheens off the coast of Louisiana. You can read more about this monitoring on their blog.

Shop our collection anytime this month to take part in the donation to Gulf Restoration Network.


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