Giving Green to T.R.E.E. in March

A large part of Tchoup’s raison d’etre is to create bags and accessories that have a reduced impact on our natural environment, to instill a spirit of local exploration, and to support outstanding local environmental organizations. For these reasons, in March 2016, Tchoup Industries will be donating 10% of our proceeds to  T.R.E.E./”Teaching Responsible Earth Education” (

Since 1995, T.R.E.E. has provided curriculum-based, hands-on outdoor earth education programs to thousands of children, parents and teachers around Louisiana. Watch this heartwarming VIDEO to see their programs in action.


What makes T.R.E.E. special? While providing academic challenges, we instill a caring attitude and provide fundamental knowledge of how the systems on the Earth work. Our programs also immerse children in a safe and natural environment where they are nurtured and can develop a deep appreciation for the precious plants and animals that live on the Earth through thought provoking experiential activities. The culmination of these components creates the impetus for children to make wiser decisions on how to preserve the wonderful diversity of our natural world and to make choices to live more lightly on our magnificent, but often abused, planet.”

We are proud to support this awesome organization that’s working to connect “City And Swamp” and inspire eco-consciousness in our home state.

Shop on our website or in our store (1113B St. Mary, NOLA) anytime between today and March 31, 2016 to participate!

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