Happy Earth Day 2016!

Living in Southern Louisiana, we are conscious of the catastrophic effects of oil on our natural environment (see: the Deepwater Horizon oil spill of 2010). This is why we use repurposed, natural, and eco-conscious materials to design our Tchoup bags. As a small business, we also like to work with, and give back to, environmental organizations in NOLA.

We’re taking this Earth Day to reflect on our collaborations thus far. We hope to inspire you to support these deserving groups yourselves.


Life City Green Card Sign

LifeCity is a local platform for sustainability that make social and environmental impact profitable for business in New Orleans. Since we launched in 2013, Tchoup Industries has been proud to be named a LifeCity Certified Green Business. This means that we offer discounts to LifeCity Green Card holders. Learn more about our work with LifeCity here!

Gulf Restoration Network

Did you know? The nutria is an invasive species that has been eating away mass amounts of Louisiana wetlands since the 1930s. This environmental issue led us to design our Nutria Le Tour purse, featuring nutria fur panels. 20% of the proceeds from each of these unique swamp bags go to Gulf Restoration Network, to help spread the word about Louisiana coastal wetland loss through the lens of fashion. Learn more about our partnership here!


Recently, we donated 10% of all Tchoup Industries proceeds during the month of March 2016 to T.R.E.E./Teaching Responsible Earth Education. For two decades, T.R.E.E. has provided curriculum-based, hands-on outdoor earth education programs to thousands of children, parents and teachers around Louisiana. Thanks to all who helped us to support these vital youth education programs.

Green Light New Orleans

This Thursday April 21st, come help us celebrate Earth Day at our Earth to NOLA party at Dashing Bicycles, along with Goods That Matter. Not only will there be food, drinks, and dancing, but we are having a raffle, and raffle proceeds are going to Green Light New Orleans (fighting climate change one light bulb and backyard veggie garden at a time!) Event info here.

Happy Earth Day from Tchoup!

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