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I’d like to thank Bailey Torkleson at StyleBlueprint for writing a lovely article about Tchoup Industries and all the consideration that goes into our design and production. The StyleBlueprint website focuses on connecting women to their community and I’m honored to have been included as a female business owner in New Orleans. I specifically like how she finishes her articles with a brief focus on advice to other female business owners, an update our present pandemic status and future plans.

 Check out the full article here and a few of our favorite excerpts below.


 Patti designs each of her pieces with two things in mind: how to make use of as many recycled and natural materials as possible, and how to showcase the inspiration found in her Southern Louisiana landscape. “The creative and lively culture of this region — especially New Orleans — is the result of a melting pot of people from all over the world,” explains Patti. “The high risk of flooding and hurricanes mixed with the presence of the oil industry that leaves our state both rich and poor gives its citizens a sense of awareness and purpose.” These points factor into the entire creation cycle of each Tchoup piece — from design to production to everyday use.



When asked what advice Patti would offer to entrepreneurs and female business owners, she highlights the importance of actively engaging with the surrounding entrepreneur community and growing together, also noting the importance of creativity. “In Dave Eggers’ book Zeitoun, the house painter’s wife says, ‘Nobody owns their own business, the business owns you,'” she says. “As an entrepreneur, I suggest seizing every problem that comes along in the most creative way possible. That’s a great way to exercise your entrepreneurial freedom and hopefully offer your community or customers a refreshing alternative.”



Thanks again for sharing our work, Bailey & StyleBlueprint!

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    So beautiful you are. I’m so happy for your family and I hope we can see each other soon.

    Angie Radle Rosenthal

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