Inspiration: Use Your Pack as a Cooler


A while back Skip from Red Arrow Workshop, one of our retailers in Lafayette, mentioned he had thought of turning his Roulez Pack into the perfect Mardi Gras Parade cooler. We’ve been mulling this over for a while and decided to give it a try! Turns out that the water resistant waxed canvas isn’t just good for keeping your computer dry, but works great for keeping the water in too. It also doesn’t hurt that our signature buckle doubles as a bottle opener, for your drinking pleasure.

Here’s a step-by-step of how we turned this everyday backpack in to a cooler. No, it wasn’t by magic.

Step 1:

Empty your pack of everything you’ve been carrying around.

If you’re anything like us, thats probably a lot of stuff…

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Step 2:

Line your pack with a trash bag.

This is for safety and ease of cleanup after your revelry ends. We recommend using a thicker kitchen trash bag to help with insulating. Remember to check for holes in the bag, you don’t want your cooler making a small lake in the bottom of your bag.

Modifications include lining your pack with Styrofoam, bubble wrap, newspaper, etc. Anything you have that will help insulate your tasty beverages and keep them cool.

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Step 3:

Fill with ice.

A small bag of ice should be perfect for filling your pack.  Use all your college cooler packing knowledge here. You can choose the layering method (ice, drinks, ice, drinks, ice), the cavern method (make a hole in the middle of the ice), or whatever floats your boat.

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Step 4:

Add your tasty beverages of choice.

We have our Mardi Gras favorites: Swamp Pop Ginger Ale, Tin Roof Blonde Ale, and Abita Jockamo!

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Step 5:

You’re ready to roll, or should we say you’re ready to “Laissez les bon temps rouler!” Don’t own a Tchoup backpack yet? Shop them here.

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