Inspired by Mom

Here at Tchoup Industries we are all about celebrating positive female role models! We asked our team to tell us how their mothers inspired them to lead adventurous lives. This is what we heard back…



When I was young my mother took me backpacking across Alaska. We hitchhiked and slept in tents and buses. I remember endless stars, boat rides and killer whales. I remember my mother’s fearlessness as we faced the unknown landscape together. I try to approach my life with that same fearlessness now.



My mom is an endurance machine with a big heart. Growing up, she would take my older sister and me to numerous European cities and taught us valuable lessons on the importance of being prepared when setting out to explore the unknown.




My mama inspires me to love intensely and without judgment. She taught me to accept people exactly as they are- cherishing the good and the bad equally for the value they provide your life. She also gave me her record collection. 



My mom has inspired me to be adventurous by example- like when she decided to extend her work trip to Vietnam so she could travel by herself in a foreign country for the first time. Her curiosity and appreciation for the world around her and fearlessness toward the unknown is endlessly inspiring!❤



My mom and I are both 5'1'' but that didn't stop us from moving a 75lbs, 6 x 4 feet piece of glass out of my grandmother's house on the hottest day of August. We moved it completely by ourselves, downstairs, into the car, down an alleyway with a sharp turn. Moving this heavy, large, delicate glass is one of the many examples of how my mom has taught me to be confident, intelligent and independent. This fuels me to take risks and adventures, from moving apartments to traveling the world.



My mother has always supported my decisions to travel with my music. In college, I traveled to Havana, and when she picked me up after the trip, we drove straight from the Detroit Airport to Chicago together. She also helped me move down here to New Orleans, where I began working on the road with a nationally and internationally touring jazz ensemble.



From when I was very little it was important to both my parents to plan family outdoor adventures. More specifically, I’ve been inspired by my Mom’s bravery in all aspects of life. She’s a woman of action especially in the face of danger or urgency and I always strive to be more like her in those situations.


Inspired by mom to be more adventurous

  Happy Mother's Day from Tchoup Industries!

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