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Imagine if your bag could do this...


During the widespread power outages that Hurricane Ida left behind, we started thinking about how our bags could be more useful during a natural disaster. That led to a conversation with a company in the tech industry in the hopes of providing our customers more peace of mind.



Meet Joey!

Joey is an innovative smart system designed to easily attach inside a selection of Tchoup Industries bags and acts like a powerful little assistant on the go.  This little device will not only keep your phone charged, it will also find your lost phone in the house, ring an alarm if you and your bag get separated, light up your bag’s interior, tell you the time, and protect you from hackers…. a total of 10 features in all. It’s also lightweight, water resistant, and surprisingly sustainable.

You can choose to add the Joey T3 power bank to your bag by purchasing directly from Joey using a discount code that arrives with your bag, or you can simply click to purchase the combo at checkout. The Joey smart device will arrive separately from your bag, and live on happily ever after.



 Why ordering the Joey Smart device might be a good fit for you:

  • Would you love to know you always have phone power, wherever you go?
  • Have you ever been in an emergency where the power went out and needed to charge your phone? 
  • Have you ever lost your phone in the house and had someone call it to find it?
  • Would you love to see everything easily in your bag, especially in low light conditions like in an Uber, restaurant or airplane?
  • Have you ever left your bag or phone behind by accident? 
  • Do you need to know the time (and not want to have to turn your phone on constantly)?
  • Would you like to avoid sharing air (and viruses) with the crowds at public charging stations? 
  • Do you like to be self-reliant?

If you said “yes” to any of these questions, we’d recommend checking them out! 


Why we are proud to work with Joey:


They can offer our community a solution to regional problems, such as the lack of electricity due to natural disasters. Like us, the Joey team believes in “Doing well by doing good.”  What’s good for you is good for the community.



The Joey smart device hits a lot of key sustainability standards listed here. We are surprised and impressed by their diligence which seems to be unmatched in the tech industry.

  • No Toxic Materials (100% Lead and PVC- Free!)
  • Long Product Lifespan (7-10 year lifetime!)
  • Designed for ease of recycling
  • Meets highest international standards (RoHS Environmental standard)



The JOEY engineering team is made up of the brightest minds and prioritizes innovation over profit. That means their products have better features, more intuitive user interface, and cutting edge Satellite Technology. We appreciate how this translates into a system that is incredible easy and intuitive to use.



The Joey smart device is lightweight, super water resistant and designed to breeze through airline security.



The Joey T3 smart device is regularly priced at $200. Tchoup Industries customers have the opportunity to snag one for just $80 for a limited time! We hope this provides some peace of mind during your next travels or the next hurricane season.

Learn more about Joey here. 

Shop our current assortment of Joey compatible bags here.


How to attach the Joey smart system into your bag or pack: 


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