Maggie Koerner: Made in Louisiana

We were so thrilled to find out that uber-talented, Louisiana-bred singer-songwriter Maggie Koerner is a Tchoup Industries fan! She even stopped by our studio in the French Quarter and ordered a custom Roulez Pack backpack and nutria purse. We had to get some behind-the-scenes details about how growing up in Louisiana has influenced her stunningly soulful music, what it’s like to tour the world with Galactic, and what’s up next for her burgeoning career…

Q: How did growing up in the Louisiana environment influence your musical style and songwriting?

A: Well, I grew up in Shreveport which is in the Bible Belt, so I naturally started singing in church. But it was the blues that always affected me deeply when I’d hear it around town. And so did all of the incredible musicians, singers and songwriters in Shreveport. There’s a lot of talent up there, something in the water, ya know? And because it’s a small town vibe, you quickly find the other creatives and musical folk, and that was a huge impact on me. It made me want to not just be a singer. I wanted to be a great songwriter and musician too like my peers.

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[@MaggieKoerner: My rad new nutria purse from @tchoupbags has a face. He hangs by my side every day now. #tchoupbags #nutria #stoop #bywater #frye]

Q: We are particularly entranced by the title track off your latest album, Neutral Ground, and its spooky video out in the swamp (since our Tchoup bags are also very swamp-inspired). What was it like filming that?

A: That was some really hard work from some very special people on a teeny, tiny budget in the middle of the scorching summer in the Louisiana swamps, but didn’t we get such a gorgeous video out of it? Scott McKibben (Director) truly captured so much of the essence that makes that area so special. Those Pierre Part swamps are magical and tend to heal you, or at least lead you to where you need to be after you’ve been in them for a while. I don’t personally don’t know a ton of people who spend a lot of  time hanging out in the swamps, but the few that I do know understand that it is one of the most peaceful, sacred, beautiful and terrifying places you can be in. It just depends on whether there’s light out or not.

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[A shot from the spell-binding Neural Ground video]

Q: You’ve been touring the world with NOLA funk legends, Galactic. If you had to pick, which was your favorite show/favorite memory from touring and why?

A: Favorite show was Jazz Fest 2014 for reasons including we performed our asses off, my closest friends and family were all there, it felt like a coming out party to New Orleans, and it didn’t hurt that my girl Steph Strate (Stylist) had me looking good that day. Favorite memories from tour are typically the special meals we’ll have from time to time. We’re all major foodies in the band and love to seek out that spot in each town with the best fill-in-the-blank. I grew up in a household where we ate dinner as a family every single night, so a family-style meal at a restaurant with the band and crew is typically just what the doctor ordered.

Listen to Galactic’s Hey Na Na ft. Maggie Koerner and David Shaw (of the Revivalists)

Q: You currently reside in New Orleans. Where in the city do you feel most inspired?

A: Wherever I am during my daily constitutional. I take a walk or ride my bike by myself in the city around sunset. I cherish my alone time in NOLA. It’s a good city for it. And the sunsets alone are worth it. Dusk has always been a nostalgic and favorite time of day for me.


[@MaggieKoerner: My rad, new nutria purse from @tchoupbags]

Q: What can we expect from you in the future?

A: I am collaborating with one of my favorite artists, Fink, which is a dream come true. I am recording new material, and I’ll be touring most of 2015 with my band. Life is gooooood.

We thank you for your support, Maggie, and can’t wait to see where your #TchoupTravels take you! 

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