Mardi Gras Over the Years

As we launch our 5th annual Mardi Gras limited edition collection, we thought it would be fun to look back at past designs. Take a walk with us down memory lane...

2019 Lunar Crescent

Black and Gold (almost) all the way, baby.

Featuring solid brass hardware and reflective cord (they're actually shoelaces we carefully stitched down to the canvas panels). Bags available now while they last!


2018 Plastic to Fantastic


We collaborated with the Guild at Raphael Academy on woven panels made from used plastic shopping bags. Locals tip: the pink you see on the panels is from Rouse's October breast cancer awareness bags.  We loved recycled plastic and working with the amazingly lovely students and teachers at the Guild.
We loved this collection so much we kept the Fanny Pack in our core collection.

2017 Beads & Brass

This was the first time I worked with textile designer Abby Wetsman (now she is a part of our team!). We combined solid brass hardware with fabric that she hand painted with beads. Starting with remnant cotton canvas, Abby dyed the fabric with natural tannins (found in coffee tea & wine), dipped old Mardi Gras beads in paint and tossed them onto the canvas for a colorful and one of a kind print.



2016 Woven Mardi Gras

Our long time weaver of dreams (and colorful fabric panels) Daron Douglas, provided the purple, gold and green cotton woven panels that donned our festive 2016 collection. 


2015 Golden Gator

Our super lux inaugural Mardi Gras collection featured panels of metallic gold alligator leather from Lafayette family business Mark Staton Co. All of the gator leather we use is purchased from the Staton's and guaranteed genuine Louisiana alligator, mostly provided by local hunters.

Happy Mardi Gras!!

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