Recent Design Evolutions

We brought our very first Roulez Packs to market 4 years ago. While our original designs were thoroughly tested and materials carefully selected, sometimes its only time can reveal opportunities for further improvement. As a company we adapt to the needs of our community and keep our quality top notch. Here are a handful of design evolutions that we’ve recently applied to our existing items and growing collection.



What’s the Rub?

We’ve seen a number of backpacks coming back to us for repair due to holes worn through the bottom panels and shoulder straps. These are proving to be high abrasion wear points that are now enforced with a heavier weight twill canvas.  You may notice a subtle color and texture difference between these panels and the rest of the bag, but other than that the appearance is the same, only the quality has been enhanced. This change is being applied to our Flap Packs, Roulez Packs, Messenger Bags and Travel Totes.

If you own an old version, don’t fret! Any holes forming in these areas will be covered under our Warranty for free repair. We only ask that you contact us earlier rather than later as they are easier to fix when they’re small and manageable.


Don’t Slouch, Convertible Mini!

We responded to a large amount of requests when we changed our Mini Flap Pack Crossbody and Mini Flap Backpack into one beautifully convertible item. However, with the new placement of straps and adjustable hardware, the bag tends to slouch in a major way when being worn cross body. We’ve added a second layer of fabric and a new foam insert to help this bag stand tall and proud.

If you own an old version, bring it by the shop and we can provide you with options for improvement.


Sunshine & Rainbows

We thought everyone could use a little pick-me-up this summer with a bright new colorway inspired by sunshine and rainbows. Our Sunny Yellow colorway made using Sunbrella™ fabric with handwoven rainbow inkle was applied to our Flap Pack, Mini Flap Pack and Fanny Pack. There’s enough in the news to make us cloudy and blue, keep it positive and share some sunshine!

We started using Sunbrella™ fabric because Bel Awning on Tchoupitoulas Street was selling their remnants at a good price and we love supporting our local businesses. You may also remember that we had an entire Sunbrella awning (used on a house for 3 years) donated to us when the homeowners were dismantling the awning. However, after further investigation we realized that Sunbrella is a great sustainable option even as a virgin fabric. It is manufactured in Anderson, South Carolina at a landfill-free textile mill that has reduced water consumption by 10 million gallons annually. On top of the ecological benefits, this fabric is innovative in that it’s engineered to be highly water resistant, UV-resistant, and stain-resistant. We hope you enjoy the brighter color selection that we’ll continue to roll out over the coming seasons.




Leather Card Wallets

On Earth Day 2017 we met Bruce DuCote of Bruce Handmade Leathers. We were inspired by his longstanding experience in leather craft right here in Southern Louisiana. We collaborated with him this Spring to bring you our next generation of the leather card wallet. This time with thicker, hand-dyed leather and durable hand stitched seams.


Adventure Tote

Last month, we launched a durable and versatile tote that can be used as a weekender, beach tote, or gear Sherpa. Our new Adventure Tote is a workhorse ready to pull the weight.



Yes, we now have freebie logo stickers that we welcome you to plaster over your electronic devices, drinking containers, and vehicles of choice. But, we really had fun developing a laser etched wooden sticker (made from actual white maple wood veneer) and our multi-sticker sheet based on Ursa Eyer’s beloved local fauna illustrations also seen on our bandanas. Both now available for purchase in our shop and online for $5 each.


Small but Mighty - Pouches & Sleeves

Our backpacks are versatile (for City & Swamp of course), and used by our customers for all sorts of everyday commutes and adventurous jaunts. There is minimal pocketing inside of our large bags so you can pack it just how you like it. Now that's even easier with our newest pouches and sleeves! Check out our brand spanking new Laptop Sleeves, Utility Pouches, Woven Zip Clutches and Treasure Pouches for all your organizational needs.

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  • Denise Beauchamp

    So glad you are fixing the convertible mini! I purchased the sail cloth version and have had the slouching problem. My other concern is that you cannot shorten the crossbody strap because the hardware won’t fit through the ring. Am I missing something? I am in Ohio so not sure when I’ll be back to the shop.

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