Roulez Pack vs Hot Sauce


This spring during our Lake Martin photo shoot we thought it would be a great idea to have a bottle of hot sauce with us as a convenient prop and delicious addition to lunch. I tucked it into one of our Gator Roulez Packs to have handy if needed. After a day of shooting, the hot sauce was forgotten and not discovered again until we noticed a sharp, acrid scent….where is that coming from?!

Well, that smell was the hot sauce – all over the inside of our pack! The bottle had broken when the backpack was dropped during transport. It was a glass shard and sauce picante party on the inside of this pack. Unfortunately our model Ayo’s cashmere sweater was also involved.

Back at the Blue Moon Guesthouse, we delicately extricated the contents. Photographers and models teamed up to save the sweater and I took a hose to the interior of the Roulez Pack. Thanks to the waxed coating on the Roulez Pack’s canvas, the hot sauce wiped right out. Just to make sure I got all the stray drops and glass, I left the hose running inside the pack for a really good flush. To my surprise, the water did not run out of the bottom seams or fabric, but filled up inside the pack (well above the zipper),  fully contained except for a tiny trickle at one of the bottom seams. I was so impressed – if this pack can hold that much water in, just think about what it’s keeping OUT.

The glass shards made one small puncture hole in the side of the pack (within the tough woven rip stop grid of the canvas fabric) and has not grown a single millimeter after 3 months of daily use and frequent travel adventures.

Roulez Pack came out on top!

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