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Tchoup Press: Dirty Coast Interview

As part of Dirty Coast's showcase of local designers and makers, they sat down with Patti Dunn, Tchoup Industries' designer, for a conversation about fur purses, snoballs, and recycled wool curtains.

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Proud to be an All-American Brand

Tchoup Industries bags are all handmade in the back half of our shop in New Orleans, Louisiana. We source all of our materials within the USA, and as locally as possible. (See our material map here.) We are proud to be creating and selling a completely American product, a refreshing...

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How the Oil Spill Inspired Tchoup Industries

Today is Earth Day, 2015, and monday marked 5 years since the Deep Horizon Oil Spill (though its repercussions prove to be endless). This disaster was a major inspiration behind the founding of Tchoup Industries, and so this week- more than ever- we reflect on the importance of being an...

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