Tchoup Industries: Proud To Be a LifeCity Certified Green Biz!

Chances are, if you’ve been to any “green,” or eco-conscious, shop, restaurant, or festival in New Orleans, you’ve heard of the LifeCity organization. Maybe you’ve been to one of their Green Drinks events, or even own one of their Green Cards, giving you exclusive discounts to green products, services and events in the area (for only $20 a year!)

In case you’re unfamiliar, LifeCity is a platform for sustainability that makes social and environmental impact profitable for business in New Orleans.

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A big part of Tchoup Industries’ mission statement is to support Louisiana’s natural environment, by using repurposed or all-natural materials to make our products. With our visions aligned, we are proud to be a LifeCity Certified Green Business, ever since we launched in 2013. As a business member, we offer 20% discounts  to LifeCity Green Card holders, and in turn, we reap lots of great communal benefits from the organization. (Read all the details about our LifeCity certification here, and browse other certified green businesses in the community.)

More ways Tchoup Industries has been able to collaborate with LifeCity to make NOLA a greener city:

-We have been a vendor at the LifeCity Holiday Market events in 2013 and 2014, where we sold bags to eco-conscious shoppers.

-In November 2014, we sponsored the LifeCity + Stay Local! “Shop Small Saturday” Kick Off party at Publiq House. This was a great networking event, as we got to connect with some other small business owners in the city.

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LifeCity connected us with a Tulane business class for valuable business advice in Spring 2014. A small group of students made it their semester long project to help Tchoup Industries identify low-cost marketing opportunities and to assist with accounting.

LifeCity has connected Tchoup Industries with other businesses’ usable refuse to upcycle into our products. One man’s trash is another’s treasure! Check out this VIDEO featuring our founder, Patti Dunn, for more info in this regard.

We want to thank LifeCity for their support, and we encourage you to purchase a Green Card, or to become a Green Business with this innovative local organization.

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