Tchoup Press: Krewe du People Feature


Krewe du People justifies the wise investment of a Tchoup Industries Roulez Pack:

Once you put it all together, a $250 price tag doesn’t seem so bad. The backpacks are huge and can fit literally everything but your mother’s Buick but can also be rolled down if you find there’s space being unused. Not only that, all these puppies are equipped with little Easter Eggs like the front buckle, which also doubles as a handy bottle opener. The alligator front retails slightly higher at $500—but good god if you can swing it, it should definitely be on the top of your wish list (it’s just so dreamy). All items are available on their website, and in select retailers in the Southern U.S.

Stirling and Jess from Krewe du Optic and Krewe du People liked the Roulez Pack so much that they came by today to pick up one each to call their very own (we traded for Krewe du Optic sunglasses – it was a win win!).



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