Tchoup Press: Patti is deemed “Invader of the Week” by Invade blog

New Orleans blog Invade chose our owner/designer Patti Dunn as their “Invader of the Week”! Check out the article here.

Tchoup is the embodiment of what inspired Patti to become an Industrial Designer. “When I arrived at NC State University and learned about product design, I never gave architecture a second look. I love the scale of product design, and the constant interaction throughout your day with products good and bad. Quality is really important, if your bag can last 10 years instead of 10 months, that’s less bags you have to buy and less stuff in a landfill.”

When asked what Patti would tell her 21 year old self, she said: “Don’t worry so much, AND you won’t be homeless if you turn down that corporate job in Kansas.”

Glad to know she’s not looking back!

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