Tchoup Press: Patti’s Top 10 Products Made in Louisiana via USA Love List

Happy Mardi Gras! This is a time for city-wide celebration in New Orleans that begins weeks in advance of this festive day. What a fitting time to share 10 of my favorite products that are made locally in Louisiana. It was tough to narrow down my favorites, so I only picked items that I use or buy on a regular basis.
What better time of year than Mardi Gras to celebrate our favorite products made in Louisiana? Even if you can’t make a trip to New Orleans, you can still shop like a local.


1. Salvaged Mosaic Boxes from Bergeron Woodworks: These beautiful boxes are handmade from salvaged New Orleans wood, each one with its own special character. The small mosaic boxes make great gifts for anyone needing a piece of New Orleans, or you can get a much bigger chest-sized box if you need to make a bigger statement.
2.     Cypress Woodcut Print by Pippin Frisbie-Calder: Pippie is a local printer who is very active with the new Community Print Shop. To create these large woodcut prints, she carefully lays the slab onto the paper and invites her friends to dance over the top. I am swept off my feet by how she captures the exotic natural world of Louisiana.

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