Tchoup’s Green Gift Wish List 2015

A big part of Tchoup Industries’ mission is to support Louisiana’s natural environment, by using as many repurposed and eco-friendly materials as possible. And we’re not alone – lots of local makers are going “green”! Here is our personal wish list for sustainable holiday gifts made in NOLA/Louisiana. Purchase these items and help to preserve our coast (and our globe!) while treating your loved ones this season.

Bergeron Woodworks – Mosaic Boxes

Why: Mr. Bergeron has been rescuing colorful lumber from the doom of Louisiana landfills since 1999. His pieces reflect resourcefulness, environmental consciousness, and the rising-from-the ashes of the Crescent City. ($110)

Gator & Crane – Travel Cutlery Set

Why: Plastic cutlery is one of the top ten most common forms of plastic pollution. Think of all the trash you’d save in a year by sticking to these innovative, re-usable bamboo pieces. They come with their own travel pouch. ($12)

 Goods that Matter – Tea Towels

Why: These flax linen towels are printed with eco-inks. The images raise awareness for Louisiana’s coastal erosion, and 10% of the proceeds are currently going to the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana. ($26)

Heartsleeve – Rooted T-Shirt

Why: The shirt’s graphic was inspired by Green Light New Orleans‘ Free Backyard Vegetable Garden program. A portion of sales from every shirt goes to their organization. ($25)

 LifeCity – Green Card

Why: By purchasing a Green Card and becoming a member of LifeCity, you receive exclusive discounts on a big list of green and socially-responsible products and services in NOLA. The list includes Tchoup Industries – we offer 10% discounts to Green Card owners! ($20)

Smoke Perfume – Ritual Sugar Scrub

This luxurious, all-natural scrub is hand-mixed by our friend Kathleen in NOLA. It is made from local, Louisiana sugar to exfoliate your skin – as opposed to the tiny, plastic microbeads in generic scrubs that pollute our nation’s rivers and lakes. ($24)

Tchoup Industries – Nutria Le Tour Purse

Why: This purse is handmade with genuine Louisiana nutria fur, to help protect our coast (nutria are responsible for eating over 6K acres of Louisiana wetlands each year!) and to add something eco-chic to your wardrobe. Gulf Restoration Network receives 20% off the proceeds from this fashion-forward product. ($110)

Remember to Shop Green, y’all! Happy Holidays!

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