Tchoup Travels: Atacama Desert, Chile

What can I say about the majestic, magical country that is Chile? I had never been to South America before until this past June when my husband and I decided on a whim to go far south for his birthday. I am usually a major pre-planner, it can be a burden sometimes but more often than not I truly enjoy researching new places and preparing for great adventures.

We knew we were heading to the Atacama, a high-elevation desert that makes up about the top third of the country. This desert is the most arid in the world and speculated to be the oldest desert on earth. Never having experienced a hyperarid, high-elevation desert with mountains and lagoons and salt flats I felt the need to be EXTRA prepared. In comes all of our Tchoup Industries gear.

Having our Roulez Packs to hike with everyday was even more essential than I  realized. I also brought my Nutria Esprit Pocket bag which doubled as an awesome horse back riding satchel and a conversation piece. Who knew they had nutria in Chile too? This beautiful country has so much more that I can’t wait to experience.

I look forward to returning soon, especially since I know I am sufficiently prepared!


Post and photos by Nicole Schmitt. Find more of her photos and travel suggestions on her website or her instagram @collecting_rocks.

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