Tchoup Travels – North and South


Tchoup Industries bags are built with the spirit of exploration in mind and we love when Tchoup fans take their bags exploring with them.  Here’s a few recent trips with Tchoup bags in tow!


Arwen & Alex took a trip south of the border, with their Black Flap Pack, to see the Coba and Mayan ruins in Mexico. They spent a week over Christmas biking, hiking, and taking in the 13th century ruins in the jungles around Tulum, Mexico.

Alex and Arwen - Mayan Flap Pack 2

Arwen says, “The main beach is ‘eco-chic,’ and has no electricity piped in, so hotels run on solar, wind and generators.  Tulum has beautiful expanses of white sand beaches to frolic on and inland there are underground jungle pools in which you can swim.”

“We rented bicycles and biked on the main beach road and into the bio-park (a nature preserve.) After biking through the Coba ruins and climbing on the pyramid (circa 400-750AD), we made our way to a cenote, for some amazing swimming.

Alex and Arwen - Mayan Flap Pack 3

 This certainly seems like a dream vacation!


Laura & Cole went the opposite direction to the great white…west, Park City, Utah.

Cole went to snowboard, while Laura bummed around Sundance.

First things first, they packed the necessities: King Cake and Tchoup bags.

A public service announcement for all New Orleanians: you CAN bring King Cakes on planes! A warning that doing this is torturous, because you sit in small spaces all day while the delicious King Cake fumes waft around you.  It requires a lot of will power not to eat the whole thing before arriving at your destination.

Cole used his leather & wool Roulez pack as a carry-on and all around carry-all trip bag. Good to know that our bags are great for city, swamp, AND mountains!

Cole Roulez


 When not up on the mountain Cole & Laura spent lots of time indoors, warming up by cooking and making Hot Toddies. Below is their favorite recipe (adapted from

– 1 shot whiskey – In Park City, we used local High West Double Rye. It was delicious!
– 1 Tbsp honey – We use less, neither of us like the sweetness too much
– A squeeze of lemon, or satsuma (if available)
– 1 cup hot water
– 1 tea bag – the best is a spiced black tea like Constant Comment 
– Cinnamon stick
– A dash of Nutmeg
– A few dashes of Angostura Bitters

 How to make it:

– Heat water in a tea kettle and add the tea bag to make hot tea
– Coat the bottom of a mug with honey.
– Add the liquor and the lemon or satsuma juice.
– Pour the steaming tea into the glass and stir with a cinnamon stick
– Add bitters and nutmeg to taste

Laura says, “The views around Park City are so picturesque, even if you don’t do snow sports it is a worth while trip for a change of scenery.”  It was, however, pretty cold for these southerners, so the altitude sometimes got the best of them…

 2014 Sundance copy

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