Tchoup University – Back to Cool

With a fresh new Tchoup backpack, you’ve got this school year in the bag! Our backpacks are  lightweight, spacious, comfortable, and water-resistant, making them ideal for carrying school supplies around campus. For those seeking a dependable and stylish backpack, we recommend our Leather (below), Wool, or Alligator Roulez Pack with a secure roll top closure. The hook doubles as a bottle opener for post-test happy hours.




Here are all of the things you can easily fit in your Tchoup Industries Roulez Pack (see below): a binder, a notebook, a textbook, a smaller book, a sweater, a calculator, and your keys. And with all these items packed, there would still be plenty of room for smaller items, such as a cell phone or pencil case, in either the inner or outer pockets. We can add custom laptop sleeves if desired.


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