The Great Outdoors – Greater For You Than You’d Think

At Tchoup Industries we’ve always felt like a stroll through the wilderness was good for both body and mind. It’s a regular self care activity that I personally really enjoy, and is important to fit into our schedule as “Americans now spend 93% of their time inside a building or vehicle.” Here are two articles that explain more about the health benefits of hiking in nature.

Michael W. Pirrone writes on about the ways hiking can elevate your creativity, ability to focus and your self perception. And “walking near water seemed to have the biggest effect, so when planning your next hike, be sure to seek out a location with some great streams, rivers, or lakes.” That’s good news for us here in the swamp!


photo from @elliotplaysdrums

And Japanese “Forest Bathing” – one of my most favorite implementations of outdoor stress relief – is kind of a mobile meditation that “has been recognized by the Japanese government since 1982 and has been endorsed by the Forest Agency of Japan as a means of improving quality of life.”  Read more in this article from The Los Angeles Times.

photo from @kat_ryalls

Do you live in New Orleans and need some ideas on where to get outdoors? See our previous blog post about local hikes for some good tips. Let’s get outside this holiday season and reap the benefits!

photo from @kdunndiggity


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