The Making of Beads & Brass

Tchoup Industries founder Patti Dunn teamed up with local textile designer Abby Wetsman to create the 2017 limited edition Mardi Gras collection Beads & Brass, and we documented every step of the way. Here's a behind the scenes look of the work that went into the bright canvas panels painted by thrown Mardi Gras Beads.

Step 1 - Dyeing the Fabric

Abby used scrap canvas leftover from an unrelated tablecloth project. The bright white didn't give us the look we wanted, so after exploring multiple options, we decided to use a natural dye called tannin.

tannin fabric dye from Laura Doré on Vimeo.



Step 2 - Drying the Fabric

After 2 days in the tannin bath, the lids of Abby's salvaged Stein's Deli sauerkraut buckets are removed and fabric is hung to dry.

IMG 8694 from Laura Doré on Vimeo.


Step 3 - Painting 

Abby dipped old Mardi Gras beads into paint before throwing them down onto the dyed fabric. Painted shapes left behind have the movement of airborne throws and bright colors hint at the costumes of our beloved Mardi Gras day.

IMG 8878 from Laura Doré on Vimeo.


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