The Super Hauler

When my sister Katie explained to me the custom bag she wanted last Christmas, it took some convincing to understand the desire. Why would someone need a tote that hangs down to their knees? Obviously I'm not as fashion forward as my hip sis, nor did I immediately share the utilitarian vision for this bag.

My sister is a single parent (with the cutest toddler you ever did see) in Portland, Oregon. Both adventure and style are meaningful to her, which aligns swimmingly with our brand's "City and Swamp" mentality. Here's what she has to say after using this bag for 6 months:

"This is my go-to travel bag and chic mom tote. It's ideal for packing bulky items like baby blankets and stuffed pandas. It can fit under the seat of a plane folded or neatly in overhead storage jam packed. The back zip access makes it great for quickly stashing items.

Since it's made with sail cloth and canvas it's been a dream in the rainy Pacific Northwest and on the beaches of the Caribbean. My fave thing about it is that it makes me look stylish while being such a reliable workhorse! Love love love it."

The bag was even useful as a "recliner" on one late night airport layover.

Of course I made a duplicate of this bag to try out myself. After a few paddle trips and a car camping adventure, this bag is now our household's outdoor recreation go-to as well. The sail cloth is super lightweight and dries fast. The backpack straps make hauling bulky loads a breeze, leaving you with two open hands for paddles, s'more fixin's, or gathering wood.

The team at Tchoup Industries decided to add this bag into our summer collection so our fans could try it on their own adventures. If you like to play outside (with lots of stuff) or haul big loads in style, you'll most definitely love this bag!

Take a closer look and buy it here.

Bonus video clip of our tiniest seamstress Ursa making this giant tote:

Super Hauler Tote in the Making from Tchoup Industries on Vimeo.


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