Do you have a Christmas tree heading to the curb soon? Give it a second life by participating in the following recycled programs we've found here at home and across the country.


Southern Louisiana: Marsh Fortification

Here in New Orleans, you can put your tree out to the curb on your regular trash day between Jan 9-11th and it will be picked up and used for protecting fragile marsh land. In Baton Rouge, your tree can be dropped at the curb or brought to a few drop off locations. Check online for more parish by parish opportunities to support these marsh restoration efforts.


North Carolina: Tiger Play

Carolina Tiger Rescue in Pittsboro, North Carolina would like to use your old Christmas Tree to help keep their cats active and engaged


Philadelphia: Feed Some Goats

In Philadelphia, you have the option of restoring the sand dunes at the New Jersey Shore, or feeding some adorable goats. Philly Goat Project is hosting tree-cycling on Jan. 11, 18 and 25th from noon to 3pm.


In Your Own Hometown

Don't live in any of these places but feeling inspired? See above tips for additional re-use ideas, or check for everything Christmas Tree related! Santa is sure to remember this good deed for next year's holiday season ; ).

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