How to Repair Picks on Your Woven Panel

After some use, your lovely Woven Roulez Pack, Satchel or Zip Pouch may snag on something and develop a loop or “pick”. Do not fear! These are very simple to repair. See the easy steps below and a video demonstration by weaver Daron Douglas (who originally created your woven panel with her own two hands).


1. Find a large blunt needle or flatten out the end of a paper clip (Make sure the paper clip isn’t too sharp)

2. Pinch the woven panel and lift it away from the canvas backing (you should only have woven fabric between your fingertips).

3. Poke at the stray loop until it is pushed back into the weaving and out of sight.

4. Rub your finger over the area that you just repaired to make sure the threads come back together and close up any hole or opening you created with your poking.

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