Introducing: The Nutria Le Tour nutria fur purse

We’re using #NUTRIA fur for our new Nutria Le Tour bag! 

We had heard a lot of buzz about “sustainable fur” and wanted to learn more. Our findings led us to include nutria fur in one of our Tchoup bags, and to team up with the Gulf Restoration Network for a #healthygulf. Here’s the deal on nutria:

The nutria, also known as a Coypu or swamp rat, is originally from South America and was imported to the Louisiana swamps in the 1930s for fur farming. A few got out (or were released) and nutria have been lurking in our marshes ever since. These real life rodents of unusual size have gotten more attention recently for eating away at our precious wetlands.[1] Louisiana Nutria are responsible for eating 6,200 acres of Louisiana Wetland each year. [2]

Natasha Noordhoff of The Gulf Restoration Network says, “Nutria dig up and eat the roots of marsh plants, contributing to the erosion of wetlands. Louisiana loses one football field of wetlands each hour, so management of the nutria is one step towards protecting our coast and the people who live there.”Because of the destruction they cause the Louisiana state government began a program that offers a $5 bounty on nutria, but does not do much beyond that (i.e. what to do with the fur or meat). This has created a growing industry for their furs.  It is considered an ethical and sustainable fur because the nutria are allowed to live their lives in the wild. All of this has created a small nutria fur boom in the fashion industry.

For the new Le Tour bag we wanted to use this unique fur as a special accent.  Tchoup takes pride in making our bags durable and weather resistant, so the tough, water wicking, fur of the nutria was a perfect match (plus it gave us a reason to hang out in the swamps)! Tchoup Industries is also partnering with The Gulf Restoration Network, a 20-year-old environmental organization with an exclusive focus on the ecological health of the Gulf of Mexico, on Le Tour bag.

Noordhoff says, “GRN is excited to partner with Tchoup Industries on the nutria bag, so that together we can spread the word about Louisiana’s coastal wetland loss through the lens of design and fashion.”

The purse sells for $110.00, and 20% of  the proceeds from each Nutria Le Tour purse will go to GRN to help combat wetland loss in Southern Louisiana. SHOP HERE.

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