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Recycled Banner: A Labor of Love

Tackling this "upcycling" process is no easy task, and usually involves many additional hours for acquisition, cutting, and washing. We’re still happy to put in the extra work to see trash transformed into functional treasures. Here’s a step-by-step look at the tasks and labor going into each banner bag we sell.

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Annual Giving Green

Every March for the past four years, we’ve chosen a local environmental non-profit to donate a portion of our sales profits. We’re excited to see these modest donations growing year after year. As our business grows, so does our positive impact on our natural surroundings. 

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Memphis Makers

We’re heading to Memphis this weekend to sell our bags at the Cooper-Young Festival, so I reached out to a new maker friend Funlola Coker who hails from that spot upriver for her short list of other creatives to check out.

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